In case you were wondering

Oct 18, 2020

There's a little counter at the bottom of the page. My crazy programmer friend put the code there to remind me how long my cool new watch has been running. My goal is to keep it running for ten years non-stop. It's a watch I've wanted pretty much all my life. My uncle had one when I was a kid and I was immediately smitten. It's the Rolex Submariner with no date. Made famous in the James Bond movie - Dr. No - 1962 - worn by Sean Connery. The design is a little different in 2020 - but it's simply amazing.

Rolex gives the Submariner a 5 year warranty, but they say that you really don't need to send it in for service until at least year 10. So - I'm going to keep it running until then. If I live that long, of course. Who knows these days. But - if I do - my Sub should still be beating - and I'll send it off for service - which will cost a kidney or two.

Here's a photo of my submariner