Turkey Day in Canada

Oct 12, 2020

I'm up early. I almost always am. It's hard to sleep during a pandemic for some reason. It's probably the boredom of it all. Maybe for some that's not the case - there does seem to be a lot of people out there throwing caution to the wind. I've seen large groups of people with no masks - no distancing - having fun. I like the fun part - I don't like the thought of a ventilator - or croaking.

I digress. It's early still. First light is in 20 minutes or so. Today, we make a turkey along with all the fixins. And - we should give thanks. For me, I'm thankful that everyone in my family is healthy. We have a nice warm home. A cool dog. Birds in the backyard. We're comfortable. That being said, I worry about our little planet. In my mind's eye I imagine this round (mostly) slowly spinning globe floating through the galaxy. Hobbled by so many things. Pollution. Extinction. Hunger. Rising temperatures. Disease. Deforestation. And more I'm not thinking about sitting here in my warm house before the sun comes up (if it does come up).

I'm beginning to think we've gone over the edge. Into a darkness from which we can never return. That is my fear - and I'm sure so many people throughout history have had the same fear. But - somehow - this seems different from wondering if the world is flat or round. I was about to say that we have technology that informs us of all this mayhem - but all one really has to do is step outside and see for themselves. Walk a city street to see hunger - look to the skies for birds that are not there - don't bother looking through the trees, they are almost gone. A pandemic is raging. People are divided while the planet's population continues to grow at an unsustainable rate.

As my daughter would say: So - yeah.

I'm not sure what to make of it all. Even if I could sort it out what difference would it make? I think today is best spent thinking about what's good in my life. Things I'm really thankful for - that I'd miss if they were gone tomorrow.