Nov 3, 2020

I was a runner for many years. I use to run 6 days a week - sometimes 7. I'd run 35-100+ miles a week depending on what race I was training for. I was obsessed and I loved it. Then, age crept up on me - along with some issues with my bones. My doctor tried to encourage me long ago to go easy with the running and just enjoy a nice stroll. According to him, walking is the best exercise one can do - besides swimming (I can't swim).

I didn't listen to him until the pain in my big toe was unbearable and not repairable. Well, it's repairable, but only by opening it up, cleaning out the joint, and then fusing it in one permanent position. No thanks. So - I took up walking about 8 years ago. I joined a Fitbit group and won lots of challenges. It was fun for a while. Until it wasn't.

Then, my best friend began a daily walking streak. He committed to just 10 thousand steps a day - every single day - which is just about 5 miles. He didn't say anything to me, I found out from his wife - and by then he was already around Day 120. Amazing. I thought I'd give it a try, and if I hit 100 days straight I'd be happy.

I'm now at Day 137 and my friend and I have decided that hitting 365 days is a noble target. He'l light the way to 365 for me. I'm determined to do just that. I find that I feel so much better than joining a challenge where some days I found myself walking 10-15 miles just so I could win. My body didn't like that much. Inevitably, I'd have to take off a few days - or more - to rest my aching feet and back. Now, I find walking 5 miles isn't a big deal - 2 or 3 miles of that is with my loyal dog. He's a great companion.

So - there's another counter on the page that keeps track of where I am with my 365 day quest. I know winter will be challenging - but I've bought some nice waterproof shoes with great soles to help walk on snow and ice. We'll see. I just need to take it easy and grind it out - and put one foot in front of the other.