Hurry Up & Do Nothing

Dec 28, 2020

Another New Year is just around the corner. I honestly thought by now we'd be on with our lives. Doing things we all love to do. Instead, we're just flipping days of the calendar and wondering what will be the new normal, and when it will happen.

Sigh. That's too depressing to think about, right? Yeah...

So - maybe it might be fun to come up with some New Year resolutions? Okay - let me give it a shot:

  • Write more. A lot more. But complete things. Write funny short stories. I'm actually really good at this, but I sort of just trail off mid-story - never to come back...

  • Draw more. I have one really nice notebook filled with silly sketches. And - I have dozens of notebooks with a few drawings scattered within the pages. Fill out at least one nice notebook with drawings that represent the year.

  • Walk. Continue to walk. This is great exercise. My body aches, but I can complain about it when I'm dead. I enjoy it, but it's boring - so boring - right now. Usually, I walk with a goal in mind - walk to my favorite coffee place - paper store - theater - gallery. But - nope - not now. Find new paths.

  • Find a spanish-speaking friend and talk often - very often. I have a few spanish friends - but - again - it's been hard to get together. But - there's Zoom - Facetime - whatever -- use the tools I have to improve my fluency.

  • Play chess. Improve. World domination.

  • Clear out the rest of my material things. Reduce my life down to a few boxes of things. So when I croak no one has to clean up after me. Yes, I really do think this way. I'm in the descent of my life - I'm okay with that. I just don't want to leave a mess behind.

  • Watch more birds.

  • Volunteer somewhere. A place where I could use my spanish would be fantastic.

  • Be happy.

Okay - I think that's a boring good start. But it's a start.