Mother's Day

May 9

My mom is in her 80's. She's not dealing so well with aging. When I called her today and asked how she's doing, she responded: "Not good - I'm dealing with pain all the time". After listening to her talk about pain for 30 minutes, I tried to turn the conversation to something a little lighter: "What have you been reading lately, mom?" - Answer: "I pretty much gave up reading because it's too painful to sit and read".

Well. I tried. Fak. If that's what I have to look forward to in twenty short years, smother me now with a pillow. I'm in my 60's and I deal with all kinds of weird shit - and I hate looking at myself in the mirror or on camera because I don't recognize myself - just some old guy looking back at me. But - I'm breathing. I can walk. Yes, I have weird floaters in my eyes - but I can still watch a movie or read a book.

Can it really be that bad? Truth is - my mother has complained about pain for as long as I can remember. Pain in all sorts of different forms. It's been tiring. Today, I'm just plain worn out from our discussion. Happy frirggin' Mother's Day.